What are the top fintech platforms in Ghana?

Financial Technology, widely known by the moniker ‘FinTech’, is the application of technology in delivering financial products and services to clients or customers.

Fintech platforms/apps in Ghana

  1. MTN Mobile Money
  2. ExpressPay
  3. Hubtel
  4. Slydepay
  5. Vodafone Cash
  6. AirtelTigo Cash
  7. Zeepay
  8. Korba
  9. Move
  10. G-Money

I need your help in building a list of successful fintech companies in Ghana to update what I know as listed above.

nice information and hope these sites will work.

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Kindly refer to https://forum.jbklutse.com/t/what-are-the-top-fintech-platforms-in-ghana/

What was the principle behind this rating?

Nice information you provide!Thanks for your sharing! They will be useful for me as i am going to teach English in China.